Solo Sikoa and Real Winners and Losers From WWE Money in the Bank 2024 Match Card (2024)

Solo Sikoa and Real Winners and Losers From WWE Money in the Bank 2024 Match Card

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    Solo Sikoa and Real Winners and Losers From WWE Money in the Bank 2024 Match Card (1)

    Solo Sikoa led The Bloodline to victory at MITB, further establishing himself as the new Tribal Chief.Credit:

    Money in the Bank 2024 was a special night. From major wins to shocking moments, WWE delivered on promises for one of the biggest shows of the year.

    The Scotiabank Arena in Toronto was rocking from the opener in which Drew McIntyre captured the men's Money in the Bank briefcase.

    The same crowd also cheered as The Scottish Warrior failed his cash-in thanks to CM Punk, allowing Damian Priest to steal the win from Seth Rollins.

    Bron Breakker made a splash in the ring, but he could not defeat Sami Zayn to capture the Intercontinental Championship.

    Everyone was shocked when John Cena announced his retirement from WWE, promising a final run that will end at WrestleMania 41.

    Tiffany Stratton captured the women's Money in the Bank briefcase and immediately stepped up to WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, promising great things to come.

    The Bloodline closed out with a dominant showcase. Solo Sikoa, Jacob Fatu and Tama Tonga looked unstoppable, ending the night with the group leader pinning Cody Rhodes.

    This was a wild show elevated by the performances of a talented roster. The following were the real winners and losers from the night.

Loser: Bron Breakker

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    Sami Zayn has delivered time and again in 2024. He has defended the Intercontinental Championship in great matches against top contenders, but Bron Breakker was supposed to be the one to dethrone him.

    That did not happen on Saturday night. Breakker delivered an impactful performance but fell just short in capturing the gold.

    This does not mean WWE made the wrong decision. It will thrive with either man holding the title, and Zayn has not hit 100 days as champion yet.

    Breakker will get more opportunities and eventually capture another championship in WWE. He is only getting better with every match.

    Still, until Breakker is holding championship gold, it's always possible that WWE will not fully commit to one of the best athletes in the business today.

Loser: John Cena Fans

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    It's always tough to see a legend retire. Professional wrestling gives its athletes a longer career than most sports, but eventually everyone reaches their last match.

    John Cena is 47 years old and clearly more focused on his Hollywood career, appearing in major franchises across all media.

    In the ring, he has struggled in his last few matches. His battle with Austin Theory at WrestleMania 39 remains a black mark on his record.

    Hopefully, with a clear timetable established for his final run in WWE into 2025, he will have more time to prepare to compete at his best.

    No matter what, fans of Cena who have watched him for more than 20 years must be gutted to see the end.

    For two decades, The GOAT was a center piece of the business. It will not be the same with him fully retired after WrestleMania 41.

Winner: Damian Priest

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    Damian Priest walked into his match with Seth Rollins as an underdog. He was fighting a former world heavyweight champion whose credibility is unquestioned.

    Gunther vs. The Visionary is a guaranteed money match and would have certainly made SummerSlam feel special.

    The Punishment remains less than proven, but he brought his best to a contest with one of WWE's best.

    Even if Priest did not get a clean victory, he did walk out with the gold, guaranteeing he will face Gunther at The Biggest Party of the Summer on August 3.

    As long as everyone stays out of the way, Priest can deliver the match of his career against The Ring General.

Loser: Drew McIntyre

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    Drew McIntyre may have compromised his own integrity by capturing the same Money in the Bank that cost him two world titles, but it did put him on the fast track to success.

    The ladder match was fantastic, helped by Chad Gable, Carmelo Hayes and Andrade breaking their bodies throughout.

    Jey Uso and LA Knight were the other men sold as most likely to take the briefcase, but McIntyre was the last man standing when it mattered.

    The Scot set the stage for a cash-in on the same night regardless of whether Damian Priest or Seth Rollins emerged with the gold.

    However, his great start to the night ended in heartbreak as CM Punk again cost him a world championship.

    At this point, The Scottish Warrior would need to defeat Punk definitely and capture multiple world titles to get back all that The Best in the World has stolen from him.

Loser: The 2024 Potential of Men's Money in the Bank Briefcase

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    While the men of WWE delivered a great match at Money in the Bank, WWE invalidated the contract in the same night it was won.

    This was not the first time that an MITB victor has cashed in on the same night as winning the ladder match.

    However, it's the first time that type of cash-in has failed.

    That kind of booking makes it hard to invest in the Money in the Bank concept. Five men were brutalized in a ladder match for a briefcase that already has no value.

    It would have been easy for CM Punk to make sure Drew McIntyre failed to win the briefcase in the first place, allowing someone like Jey Uso or LA Knight a fresh opportunity instead.

    This all plays into WWE's hottest story with Punk vs. McIntyre, but the MITB briefcase is worth more than becoming another piece in a story that was already great.

Winner: Tiffany Stratton

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    Tiffy Time is here.

    Tiffany Stratton has finally won big. She will thrive with the women's Money in the Bank briefcase, ready to capture a women's world championship whenever she wants.

    The Center of the Universe is one of the clear future stars in WWE. It would not be shocking to see her with a top title sooner than later.

    However, it would behoove WWE to wait. Stratton will stand out week after week with the briefcase. She can build her credibility with major wins before taking her shot.

    The women of WWE have rarely gotten chances to carry the briefcase for long. If she makes it past SummerSlam, she will hold the briefcase longer than any other woman in WWE history bar Carmella.

    There is no reason to rush one of the biggest stories in the women's division.

Winner: Solo Sikoa's New Bloodline

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    Solo Sikoa walked into the Scotiabank Arena as a hated man. The crowd rained boos and negative chants down on the new leader of The Bloodline throughout his match.

    If anyone was uncertain about him as the top heel in WWE, this reaction had to alleviate any concerns.

    This was also a great showcase for Jacob Fatu, who sold his brutality without taking the spotlight off the leader.

    While it is questionable if this six-man tag should have ended a night of great ladder matches and wild title bouts, the crowd was invested in the action enough to earn that spot.

    Most importantly, at the end of the night, Sikoa pinned undisputed WWE champion Cody Rhodes, setting him up for the biggest match of his career at SummerSlam.

Solo Sikoa and Real Winners and Losers From WWE Money in the Bank 2024 Match Card (2024)
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