Rebirth: His Eyes On Me - Chapter 38 - Rebirth: His Eyes On Me Chapter 38 - (2024)

Chapter 38: Chapter 38 – Don’t Lie To Me

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The more afraid she was, the calmer she looked. She laid comfortably in his arms while allowing him to do whatever he wanted. She said, “So you agree to give me the technology?”

Lu Li paused, as if he was angry at her lack of concentration. He bit down hard and only let go of her when he heard her gasp. He threw the book on the ground to her and said, “Take it if you want, but don’t lie to me.”

He pinched her chin and threatened her coldly. This time, he didn’t say how he would punish her, but it still made her feel a chill down her spine. Her hair stood on end. All her previous romantic feelings were gone. This man was too scary. She couldn’t afford to provoke him.

On the surface, she nodded obediently. Her obedient look made Lu Li curl his lips and let go of her to leave.

An Lengyan said from behind him, “Lu Li, I want to eat your braised pork tomorrow afternoon.”

Lu Li stopped in his tracks. He didn’t say anything, but his steps were clearly much lighter. It seemed that he really liked feeding An Lengyan. It made him feel as if he was raising her.

An Lengyan stood up with her hands on her waist. She went to the room and unbuttoned her clothes. As expected, there were two palm prints on her waist. On her fair skin, the two purple palms were very conspicuous. She touched them with her hands and let out a soft hiss as she cursed inside, “Lu Li is really ruthless.”

The next morning, An Lengyan got up early and sneakily left with her suitcase.

She had no intention of staying. After she left, she probably wouldn’t come back for a few years. Lu Li couldn’t do anything to her.

She took a taxi to the airport and was in a good mood. She booked the nearest flight and sat in the departure lounge to wait for departure.

Lu Li, who was helping her buy groceries, suddenly realized that something was wrong. He took out his monitor and saw the scene recorded by the mechanical mosquito outside the window. The woman who had agreed to stay with him the day before had already sneaked away. His expression darkened. He suddenly crushed the monitor in his hand, threw the vegetables on the ground and walked out of the supermarket.

He looked like he was about to kill someone, and the people around him avoided him. There were even people, guessing that this person was a criminal, who almost called the police.

Lu Li rushed to the airport and rushed in as soon as he got off the car.

He knew that An Lengyan was going to England, so he went into the airport to find out about the nearest flight to England. As soon as he arrived, he saw a woman walking towards the ticket counter.

He ran towards her with a dark expression on his face. He grabbed the woman’s shoulder and turned around, but saw that it wasn’t her.

“What are you doing? Are you crazy?” When the woman was yanked by a stranger, she started cursing on the spot. When she saw Lu Li’s sullen gaze, she fell silent.

Lu Li didn’t have time to waste with her. Since it wasn’t her, he let go of her and looked around.

Behind him, An Lengyan looked at him stiffly. She had seen what had just happened. She quickly took out a mask and put it on. When Lu Li looked over, she was holding the arm of a foreign guy who happened to pass by. Their intimate look made people think that they were a couple.

Sure enough, Lu Li’s gaze swept past the two of them.

An Lengyan let out a sigh of relief and thanked the young man beside her.

The foreign young man looked at her with interest. His blue eyes were full of mirth as he said, “I should be the one thanking you for being hugged by such a beautiful lady.”

An Lengyan was stunned when she heard this. She let go of his arm and said, “You can tell that I’m pretty even when I’m wearing a mask?”

Her words were filled with mockery, but the foreign young man did not care. He smiled and said, “People who are beautiful even when wearing a mask mean that they will be even more beautiful without a mask.”

An Lengyan rolled her eyes. The next second, she was hugged by him. She started to struggle in surprise. The foreign young man whispered in her ear, “Don’t move. He’s looking over here.”

An Lengyan quickly quieted down. She didn’t even dare to look back and obediently stayed in his arms.

Caris’ eyes flashed with mirth. Even after Lu Li’s eyes left them, he was still reluctant to let go of the woman in his arms..

Rebirth: His Eyes On Me - Chapter 38 - Rebirth: His Eyes On Me Chapter 38 - (2024)
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