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We administer portable long service leave for construction workers in Western Australia.

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Media release

MyLeave Act Review Update - June 2024

Construction industry long service leave Act review released.

Public notice

MyLeave has partnered with Mates in Construction WA!

MyLeave supports the work that MATES do in raising the awareness of suicide prevention and mental health in the construction industry, and the investment they are making into the long-term future of the industry.

Public notice

MyLeave - 2024 Contribution Rate

Following MyLeave’s annual review, the Contribution Levy for the 2024 calendar year will be
0.5% of the ordinary rate of pay.

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MyLeave – Construction Long Service WA (7)

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What we do

Construction workers accrue long service leave with MyLeave based on service to the industry - rather than service to a single employer. This is the portable nature of long service leave with MyLeave.

Workers are entitled to 8 2/3 weeks of leave after 10 years of service with a pro rata entitlement after at least 7 years of service in the construction industry.

The entitlements are partially funded from contributions made by employers for their workers as they accrue service. The funds are invested with returns assisting to minimise contributions made by employers.

Portable long service leave helps workforce retention, recognises industry loyalty, and is good for the construction industry.

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Ministerial reporting

Hon Simone McGurk BA(Arts) BA(Comms) MLA

Minister for Training and Workforce Development; Water; Industrial Relations

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Acknowledgement of Country

The Government of Western Australia acknowledges the traditional custodians throughout Western Australia and their continuing connection to the land, waters and community. We pay our respects to all members of the Aboriginal communities and their cultures; and to Elders both past and present.

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MyLeave – Construction Long Service WA (2024)


Is there long service leave for 7 years in WA? ›

In Western Australia, to be entitled to a long service leave benefit you normally need to accrue a minimum of 7 years service with a single employer. However, if you work on-site in the construction industry, you may find yourself working with many employers over the same period.

Can an employer refuse long service leave in WA? ›

Conclusion. Most types of employees may receive Long Service Leave entitlements in Australia. The refusal of requests for Long Service Leave are generally not permissible unless there are reasonable business grounds to do so.

Can you cash out long service leave in WA? ›

Under the WA Long Service Leave Act, an employer and employee are able to agree to cash out some or all of an employee's long service leave once the employee has fully accrued a long service leave entitlement.

What is the accrual rate for lsl in WA? ›

When a full time, part time, casual or seasonal employee completes 10 years of continuous employment, they accrue an entitlement to 8.667 weeks of paid long service leave. An employee will accrue a further 4.333 weeks of long service leave for every 5 years of continuous employment after the initial 10 years.

How to apply for long service leave wa? ›

To claim, just complete and submit the Application for Payment of Long Service Leave Form (opens new window tab) to MyLeave by email. The form is in two parts. You should complete Part 1, and your employer should complete Part 2. It can also be found in Publications and Forms.

How long is long service leave for teachers in WA? ›

The LSL Act provides a leave entitlement of 8 2⁄3 weeks per 10 years of continuous service, with a pro-rata payment due on termination after seven years' service. Because the LSL Act applies to casual employees, many long-term casuals employed by the Department of Education or TAFE colleges may have LSL entitlements.

Can you cash out long service leave in QLD? ›

If you have an entitlement to long service leave, and you are experiencing financial hardship, or you require extra funds due to unforeseen personal, family or other circ*mstances, you may be entitled to have your long service leave paid out in part, or in a lump sum.

Does maternity leave affect long service leave WA? ›

Any periods of unpaid leave and stand down are excluded from the 365 day period. This ensures that employees are not disadvantaged if, for example, they have taken a period of unpaid leave - such as unpaid parental leave. However, any periods of paid leave are included in the calculation.

What constitutes a break in continuous service in local government? ›

Continuous service applies where the employee has had a break of less than one week. between employments (the definition of a week is seven consecutive days from a Sunday to. a Saturday). Where there is no break in service, previous service shall be taken into.

Can you cash out vacation time when you quit in Washington state? ›

Even though Washington doesn't have a law requiring PTO payout at termination, employers might be responsible for paying out unused PTO to an employee who leaves the company. If there is a company policy or employment contract that requires it, an employer is required to pay unused PTO to a separating employee.

Is super payable on cashed out leave? ›

The short answer is yes. Cashed out annual leave is considered part of an employee's ordinary time earnings (OTE) for the purpose of calculating the super guarantee rate under the relevant legislation.

Can I take long service leave at half pay in QLD? ›

Employees may access long service leave on half pay. This is an extension of an existing condition of service and therefore, unless otherwise stated, the same conditions that apply to long service leave on full pay apply to long service leave on half pay.

What is the 10 year long service award? ›

What is a Long Service Award? A Long Service Award is a way of recognising and rewarding employee loyalty to a company, for a certain length of time. Traditionally, Long Service Awards are presented to an employee for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of employment.

Are casuals entitled to long service leave in WA? ›

Casual and seasonal employees are entitled to long service leave under the WA Long Service Leave Act. A casual or seasonal employee can have continuous employment despite working intermittently and/or with varying hours. Ordinary pay for a casual employee includes their casual loading.

How to compute long service? ›

Calculation is wages per month *2/3* duration of service in years. An incomplete service year is computed on the basis of pro- rata. An employer is not required to pay both long service payment and severance payment to the foreign domestic helper.

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