[1.10.1] SCANsat [v20.4] -- Real Scanning, Real Science, at Warp Speed! [September 9, 2020] (2024)

The Scientific Committee on Advanced Navigation proudly presents:

SCANsat [v20.4]* [1.10.1] SCANsat [v20.4] -- Real Scanning, Real Science, at Warp Speed! [September 9, 2020] (1)

*a fork of damny's SCANsat v5



This part-containing add-on allows you to scan the surfaces of planetary bodies to produce various kinds of maps and mine relatively small amounts of sweet, juicy, 110% fresh-squeezed science (in career mode).

Localization is supported and several translations are provided with the download package

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[1.10.1] SCANsat [v20.4] -- Real Scanning, Real Science, at Warp Speed! [September 9, 2020] (2)By@Deltathiago98 | [1.10.1] SCANsat [v20.4] -- Real Scanning, Real Science, at Warp Speed! [September 9, 2020] (3)By @Serand @RarogCmex | [1.10.1] SCANsat [v20.4] -- Real Scanning, Real Science, at Warp Speed! [September 9, 2020] (4)By@Summerfirefly | [1.10.1] SCANsat [v20.4] -- Real Scanning, Real Science, at Warp Speed! [September 9, 2020] (5)By @h0yer | [1.10.1] SCANsat [v20.4] -- Real Scanning, Real Science, at Warp Speed! [September 9, 2020] (6)by Orlando | [1.10.1] SCANsat [v20.4] -- Real Scanning, Real Science, at Warp Speed! [September 9, 2020] (7) by don-vip


  • BUG - Scanning ground track indicators sometimes display when they should not
  • NOT-BUG - Very large map exports produce .csv files that cannot be opened by Excel; they must be opened in another text editor and rows must be copied 1 million at a time


  • What does SCANsat do?
    • It allows you to scan and generate various kinds of maps (currently: low- and high-resolution altimetry, and a biome map) for each planetary body.
    • For some really nice looking maps created based on SCANsat data check out Cyriak's ORBAT-Kerbol map collection(Psycho8890 onReddit).
    • Refer to the included KSPedia entry for more information about SCANsat and its various functions
    • Watch this quick video by TinyPirate for a quick overview of what SCANsat does.
    • Spoiler

  • How do I get support
    • All support requests must be accompanied by a complete description of the problem and the output_log.txt file from the KSP_Data folder (and/or pictures if relevant)
    • File reports in this thread or the dev thread depending on which version you are using
    • Issue reported in theGitHub issue tracker are given higher priority
  • How does SCANsat affect gameplay?
    • It allows you to see surface details from orbit from an interactive, zoom-able map. This will help you plan your missions (for example, landing near a divider between two or three biomes) and provide critical information you need to attempt a safe landing (for instance, the slope map will help you avoid treacherous hills)
  • How do I scan for resources?
    • Resource scanning has three basic modes of operation.
    • The first two methods do not interfere with, or replace the stock resource scanning operations.
    • In the default mode resources are scanned using the stock, M700 Survey Scanner, the large detector dish.
    • When a planet is scanned from a stable, polar orbit all resources will be available for viewing, both in the stock planetary resource overlay, and on SCANsat maps.
    • When the Instant Resource Scan option is toggled off in the settings menu SCANsat resource overlays will only be generated by standard SCANsat scanning. See the short picture tutorial below on how to activate and control resource scanners.
    • This does not interfere with the stock scanning mechanism, and planetary resource overlays are still available and not affected by SCANsat.
    • When Disable Stock Scanning is selected all of the stock surface resource scanning and display mechanisms will be replaced by SCANsat modules. This applies to the scanning process, the right-click resource abundance display, and the high resolution resource zoom map found on the M4435 Narrow-Band Scanner.
    • A few options are available that affect SCANsat resource overlays:
      • The biome lock restriction can be turned on or off. When turned on surface resource scans using the stock Surface Scanning Module are required before accurate resource values can be determined from orbit.
      • The zoom map, instruments window, and overlay tooltips have optional restrictions based on the presence of a narrow-band scanner onboard an orbiting vessel. By default resource overlays on zoom maps are limited to regions of a planet's surface that have a M4435 Narrow-Band Scanner or equivalent part in an orbit that passes over the center of the zoom map, the same applies to overlay tooltips. The inclination of the vessel in orbit must be within at least 10o of the latitude at the center of the zoom map. Instruments Window readouts will only display if resource concentration if a narrow-band scanner is on the current vessel. All of these restrictions can be turned off in the resource settings window.
  • Do I need to attach a part to my vessel to use SCANsat?
    • Parts are needed for the actual scanning functionality to work.
    • Nothing is neededto display already scanned maps, or for background scanning to continue.
  • What does the "field of view" mean?
    • When a sensor is at or above its "best" altitude (but below its maximum altitude) the field of view is half of the width of the swath mapped by the instrument, if it were in orbit around Kerbin. In other words, a field of view of 5° would map swathes which are 1/36th (10°) of the planetary surface wide. The field of view is scaled for smaller bodies so that more of the surface is covered.
  • What does the "best" altitude mean?
    • At or above the best altitude, the sensor will operate with its listed field of view. Below this altitude the sensor suffers a linear penalty. A 10° FOV instrument with a best altitude of 500km would only have a 5° FOV at 250km.
  • [Career Mode] Does SCANsat give us science points?
    • Yes! For each type of map, if you scan at least 30% of the surface, you can analyze Data for partial science points; up until the maximum value at 95% map coverage.
  • [Career Mode] Is it integrated into the tech tree?
    • Yes! This link tells you which nodes unlock which parts in the tech tree.
  • [Career Mode] Are SCANsat contracts available?
    • Yes! Contract support is handled through third party addons:
    • Check the Contract Configurator thread formore info.
  • [Career Mode] How are FinePrint contract waypoints integrated into SCANsat?
    • FinePrint waypoints can be displayed on SCANsat maps, their visibility is controlled using the waypoint icon on the left side of the map.
      • The zoom map has an additional, three-or-four arrow icon that is used to select a custom target site on the planet's surface. Its visibility is also controlled by the waypoint icon.
      • MechJeb Landing Guidance integration is also handled through this system.
      • See the short picture tutorial below for more details.
    • All FinePrint survey contracts and satellite contracts that ask for an orbit over a specific location have waypoints that can be displayed on SCANsat maps. These are the same as the waypoints visible in the map view.
    • Place the mouse cursor over the point at the bottom of the waypoint to see its name in the readout at the bottom of the map; the zoom map is helpful for this.
    • Waypoint names are also indicated in the Instruments Window when your vessel is within range of one; this indicates that you can perform the requested experiment to complete the contract.
  • Can you add <some feature or change> to SCANsat?
    • Probably! First, check the issues page to see if it's already been requested. If not, add a new issue. Even better, attempt to add the feature yourself and submit a pull request. We'll catch the bugs for you!
  • Will this version break my existing scans from earlier versions ofSCANsat?
    • No! This version (14.0) is completely backwards compatible, and you current scanning state (which is stored in persistent.sfs) will be safe and sound.



Version 20.4 - 2020-9-9------------------------ Hotfix to prevent planetary overlay window from opening when it shouldn'tVersion 20.3 - 2020-9-4------------------------ New resource overlay quick setting controls- Adjust low resource concentration cutoff for all maps- Quickly adjust resource color settings- Display small resource overlay legend on maps- Option to hide resources that are not present on a given celestial body from the resource selection menus- Zoom map resource overlay calculates local min and max resource concentration values- Fix numerous bugs related to custom resources and resource UI features- Fix bug causing big map data source to not update properly- Adjust part masses- Option to disable visual maps for troubleshooting- GameData/SCANsat/PluginData/Settings.cfg set VisibleMapsActive = False- Fix visual maps for new gas giants (KSP 1.10 and up)- Fix bug when trying to draw biome map for planets with no biomes- Add some missing localization fields for resource scannersVersion 20.2 - 2020-7-07------------------------ Fix memory leak related to visual maps- Add scanning coverage indicators to big map- Add function to allow the zoom map to remember the last used zoom level- Update French translations (don-vip)- Reduced memory usage by visual maps- Fixed several errors related to visual maps when using Kopernicus- Allow vessels with old scanner parts to be loaded in VAB/SPH- Fix error when PluginData folder for settings file has been deleted- Clarified surface-in-daylight requirement for certain scanners- Updated KSPedia entry to reflect newer features of big map, zoom map, and Breaking Ground surface feature detectionVersion 20.1 - 2020-6-17------------------------ Fix big map body selection menu with some Kopernicus planet packs (also fixes a few settings menus)- Various adjustments to part tech tree position and scanner values- Properly hide old versions of parts- Minor UI bug fixesVersion 20.0 - 2020-5-31------------------------ Warning: Save files cannot be downgraded to a previous version of SCANsat after updating to version 20.0 or higher- Scanning part revamp - 15 new parts by Nertea- Multiple instruments for each scanner type- Old parts are soft-deprecated; they are still loaded but won't appear in the VAB/SPH part list- New visual scan mode - Low and high resolution RGB color visual map scans- New science results for high resolution visual map scans- Overhaul of scanner instrument types - Some scanners require the surface to be in daylight to function - New combination of scan types for each instrument- Resource scanning now handled mostly independently from stock resource scanning- All high resolution resource scans fall under a single scanner type- Updated contract types- Other improvements - Added more scanner information to scanner right-click part menus- Added more scanner information to VAB/SPH part list info- Bug fixes and other updates - Fix KSPedia entry for KSP 1.8 and above- Fix various Unity script issues- Fix RPM map display errors- Fix MechJeb landing site integration- Changes from version 19.3 - Fix KSPedia entry in KSP 1.9 - Minor part balance updates- Resource scanning updates- Fix Breaking Ground surface feature detectionVersion 18.14 - 2019-10-28------------------------ Update for KSP 1.8- Fix big map control buttons- Fix ground track indicators- Fix BTDT anomaly viewer shadersVersion 18.13 - 2019-8-21------------------------ Fixed an error related to Breaking Ground surface features in Sandbox modeVersion 18.12 - 2019-8-20------------------------ Allow for specifying the color of the map view ground track indicators- Fix some bugs related to Breaking Ground surface feature displays- Auto refresh timer for the zoom map starts timing after the map has finished building, not beforeVersion 18.11 - 2019-7-3------------------------ Allow for detection of Breaking Ground DLC surface features - Use the BTDT scanner to detect surface features - Surface features displayed on the zoom map in the area surrounding the active vessel - Can be viewed in the instruments window - Breaking Ground DLC must be installed for this feature to function- Add auto-refresh toggle for the zoom map - Toggle between no refresh, 4 second refresh, and 8 second refresh- Add French translations - by don-vip- Fix a bug related to flags that was preventing the zoom map and big maps from functioning correctly- Fixed a few Chinese localization file language tagsVersion 18.10 - 2018-12-31------------------------ Fix a bug that was preventing scanners with multiple sensor types from working correctlyVersion 18.9 - 2018-12-5------------------------ Performance improvements for background scanning- Fix Metal Ore resource scanning support for Extraplanetary Launchpads- Allow for deeper layers of sub-moons in all celestial body menus- Fix Jool science report localization tag typeVersion 18.8 - 2018-10-25------------------------ Update for KSP 1.5- Additional Spanish translations by FitialesVersion 18.7 - 2018-7-27------------------------ Update for KSP 1.4.5- Fix lat/long display coordinates- Add Russian translations for contract text (RarogCmex)Version 18.6 - 2018-4-30------------------------ Update for KSP 1.4.3- Significant performance imrovement for the background scanning algorithm - Particularly noticeable when many scanners are active and time warp is at maximum- Reduce garbage allocation - Particularly related to the information shown when the mouse is over a map window - Also reduced when the Background Scanning tab of the settings window is open - Fix a bug that caused increased garbage allocation when waypoint icons were turned on for the maps - Some UI related performance improvements- Fix some typos in science results localization files- Fix German language tags in localization files- Updates to Chinese translationsVersion 18.5 - 2018-3-14------------------------ Update for KSP 1.4- Update shaders and asset bundles to Unity 2017- Fix a rounding in error in the scanning coverage that was blocking contract offers- Anomaly icons show as grey until they are scanned with the BTDTVersion 18.4 - 2018-2-8------------------------ Performance fixes for scanning coverage checkVersion 18.3 - 2018-2-7------------------------ Complete Portuguese translations- Updates to localization files- Parts, manufacturer/flag and contract localization- Calculate scanning coverage based on approximation of actual spherical surface area instead of simple rectangular area- Affects contract completion and science data collection- Fix bugs related to some resources for the big map- Fix bugs in Overdrive compatibility- Fix long resource and planet names in drop down menusVersion 18.2 - 2017-11-22------------------------ Overhaul of all SCANsat contracts - Contracts now differ based on difficulty - Easy contracts only generate for home system bodies and ask for one scan - Medium and High difficulty contracts generate for non-home system bodies and ask for a group of scans - Contracts have several dependencies - Unlocking the required parts - Not having already finished all of the required scans for the target - Target bodies are selected based on your progression- Improvements made to slope maps - Slope maps now account for map scale or zoom factor - Significantly improved usefulness for the zoom map- Fix some potential bugs when survey contract waypoints are updated- Fix bug in background scanning toggles in the settings window- Some minor UI performance tweaks- Add a KSPedia button to the top of the settings window - It will try to open the SCANsat page, but this only works if KSPedia has already been opened at least onceVersion 18.1 - 2017-10-11------------------------ Update for KSP 1.3.1- Terrain color palettes defined in new config file - Custom color palettes can be added by editing the file or using MM patches- Fix bug with big map celestial body list- Fix bug with narrow band scanner requirement when more than one resource is in use- Slight change in how anomaly information is reported by the BTDT- Remove unneeded ASET RPM panel Module Manager patches- Fix SCANsat agency titleVersion 18.0 - 2017-07-8------------------------ Update for KSP 1.3- Complete UI overhaul:- All aspects of the SCANsat UI have been replaced with the new Unity UI- This results in a significant reduction in performance impact and garbage creation, particularly when several SCANsat windows are open at the same time- UI scaling is integrated with stock UI scaling (master scale) – separate scaling for SCANsat only is also available- All text is rendered with TextMesh Pro, resulting in clearer text, particularly at small and large scales, and better compatibility with other languages- New option is available to switch between KSP and the old, Unity style UI styling- New stock toolbar menu- In the flight scene, the stock toolbar button will now spawn a small menu with buttons for all of the SCANsat windows- Enable or disable this option in the settings window- New settings window- Features multiple pages for different groups of settings- Zoom map overhaul:- It now uses an orthographic map projection to eliminate distortion near the map center- This is similar to the polar map projection, but can be centered anywhere- Further separated from the big map- Menu to set the resource selection (if more than one is installed) - Menu to set the map type (altimetry, biome, slope)- Toggles for all of the map overlays- Three different map size options- Full map with top and bottom control bars- Medium map with only top control bar- Compact map with no control bar- Option to reset the map to the current vessel position- Option to lock the map to the current vessel position- Will re-center the map on the vessel position whenever it is refreshed, zoomed, etc…- Buttons to move the map center in all four directions- Fixes problems with the “Require Narrow Band Scanner” resource scanning requirement- Should function correctly with both stock scanning and SCANsat-style resource scanning- Localization:- Localization support for most aspects of SCANsat- Part descriptions, science results, part right-click menu fields, tooltips, settings window help tooltips, and some of the UI text- Planet names, biome names, and resources names are all localized- Some aspects of the UI, particularly the settings window, are not localized- The KSPedia entry is not localized- Spanish by Delthiago98- Chinese by Summerfirefly- Russian by Ser and RarogCmex- German by h0yer- New Features:- Stock waypoint system integration- Big map and zoom map can be used to set stock waypoints- Click the waypoint button in the lower-right corner of the map to activate waypoint mode- Select a point on the map and left-click there to assign the waypoint location- Edit the waypoint name using the text input field- Click set to generate the waypoint- Optional MechJeb integration- MechJeb integration toggled through the settings window- Click the MJ button instead of set to use the waypoint as a MechJeb landing site- Requires MechJeb installed, and a functional and upgraded MechJeb core on the current vessel- Options for map generation speed- A slider in the settings window allows for three map speed options- 1 – One row of all map types will be drawn per frame- 2 – Two rows of all map types will be drawn per frame- 3 – Two to four rows of the maps will be drawn per frame, depending on the map type- Color Management Window updates- Integrated into the new settings window- Text input fields are available for most values with a slider- More biome options for the biome colors used and the white borders- New HSV color picker for all of the color management tabs- Uses a standard, saturation vs brightness (value) square color picker, with a hue slider to the right- Displays the current selection in RGB, HSV, and Hex color values- Allows for manual input of RGB values, using either 0-1, or 0-255 values- Updated KSPedia entry- Reflects all changes made for version 18- Several new pages with information about the different map windows- Miscellaneous new features- Scanning width now properly accounts for latitude, resulting in scans of even width at all latitudes- New settings file; generated in the GameData/SCANsat/PluginData folder after first running KSP- Contains most of the options found in the settings window- Settings windows options for resetting specific sets of scanning data for an individual celestial body, or all bodies- Biome map legend- Displays all of the biome colors as sections on the map legend- The zoom map legend shows only the biomes present in the map window- Map legend tooltips - Displays altitude or biome name when the mouse is over the map legend- Day/night map terminator overlay for all maps- Toggled with the sun and moon icon- New part module specifically for handling science experiments- Module: SCANexperiment- Celestial body list on the big map is ordered by distance to the sun- The current body is displayed at the top of the list- Moons are grouped together with their parent- New anomaly icon, a question mark with an open circle at the bottom- The open circle denotes the anomaly position- Bug Fixes:- Fix some floating point errors that cause the big map to break at certain map sizes- Fix shader bugs preventing the BTDT anomaly readout in the Instruments window from working- Fix a science point exploit when collecting the same scan data from two different vessels- Fix a potential error with RPM maps with resource overlays- Fix errors in Module Manager patches for resource scanners used by other mods- Changes from version 17.9- More KSPedia pages- Fix an error with setting the UI scale of the zoom mapVersion 16.11 - 2016-11-4------------------------ Update for KSP 1.2.1- Disable window dragging for big map and zoom map when in IVA- Most resource scanners now use the stock Narrow-Band for high resolution scanning - The "Require Narrow-Band" option in the resource settings is slightly broken by this - Disable that option if using lots of CRP resourcesVersion 16.10 - 2016-10-24------------------------ Update Toolbar wrapper- Fix Unity initialization issues- Fix error in ground track display- Fix hiding windows in KSC sceneVersion 16.9 - 2016-10-13------------------------ Update for KSP 1.2 final- Update to new resource consumption system- Fix intermittent background scanning gaps- Only show the manual map size input field in the flight scene- Adjust Ore concentration cutoff valuesVersion 16.8 - 2016-9-23------------------------ Fix not loading background scanning vessels- Add support for displaying new vessel types- Detect new anomaly types- Garbage reduction and performance improvements - Primarily in the background scanning mechanismVersion 16.7 - 2016-9-13------------------------ Update for KSP 1.2-PreVersion 16.6 - 2016-8-18------------------------ Fix compatibility with KerbalismVersion 16.5 - 2016-8-10------------------------- Fix bug in electricity usage that was preventing scanningVersion 16.4 - 2016-8-9------------------------- Update contracts for Contract Configurator 1.15+ (severedsolo)- Switch to using ModuleResource and RESOURCE nodes for all power consumption (NathanKell)- Calculate the local min and max terrain for RPM maps- Hidden map fill cheat option - Add "cheatMapFill = True" to the SCANcolors.cfg file- Fix potential Toolbar related errors (bssthu)Version 16.3 - 2016-6-27------------------------- Adds new resource types and Module Manager scanner configs for KSP Interstellar Extended Version 1.9 - Deprecated unused He-3 and Thorium resource types- Updated for Mechjeb 2.5.8Version 16.2 - 2016-6-21------------------------- Update for KSP 1.1.3- Updates and minor changes to KSPedia entry- Add terrain height multipliers for use with Module Manager when using planet rescaling mods (Sigma Dimensions)- Rename and clarify the background scanning toggle button- Clarify background scanning status in context menus and scanning indicators- Implement a silent science collection method (KOS support for not opening the results window)- Add new terrain color palettes and change some default palettes- Allow planetary resource configs to be loaded if no global config is defined- Some GUI performance and garbage creation optimizationsVersion 16.1 - 2016-5-2------------------------- Update for KSP 1.1.2- Update API for Kerbalism support- Fixed an error that prevented the UI from opening after exiting the Mission Control buildingVersion 16.0 - 2016-4-19------------------------- Update for KSP 1.1 final release- Update for MechJeb 2.5.7- KSPedia Entry- 17 New KSPedia pages covering SCANsat basics and features- Add science experiment for low resolution resource scan (M700 scanner) - Adjust other science reward amounts- Add window scaling function - Adjust scale in the Settings window- Misc and Bug Fixes- Add target selection button to big map- Add new RPM storage module; Module Manager config edited to add this module to any part with an internal space- Make scanners easier to turn off when they run out of power- Fix error that prevented orbit lines from crossing the East/West border in zoom maps- Window reset button will now reset all window positions and scale- Fix bug in instruments window resource readout- Make sure new save files apply all SCANsat default values and options- Fixed potential error with ground tracks- Fixed potential error with .csv exporterVersion 14.9 - 2016-3-6------------------------- Add new zoom map buttons to small map, big map and toolbar- Improved zoom map functionality - When zoom map is first opened it targets the active vessel- Added re-sync to vessel button in the top-right corner- Added slope cutoff slider to color management window - Adjusts the cutoff between the two color pairs- Lower cutoff to make slope map better in the zoom map- Color Management window button removed from small map and big map in flight scene - Added Color Management window button to the top of the settings menu- Added GeoEnergy resource support for PathFinder- When a new planet is detected SCANsat tries to determine its highest elevation point - Used for planets that don't have a terrain config defined in the SCANcolors.cfg file; ie Kopernicus planets- Max elevation point used to set the max height used for SCANsat maps- Max elevation sometimes returns values too high; adjust values in the color management window- Some changes in how data is loaded from the save file; no end-user effect- Fixed error that prevented SCANsat contracts from generating before the player left the Kerbin systemVersion 14.8 - 2016-2-10------------------------- Fix RPM and Kopernicus incompatibility- Add new CRP resources and configsVersion 14.7 - 2016-1-16------------------------- Fix Contract config errorVersion 14.6 - 2016-1-15------------------------- Fix Kopernicus compatibility (Thanks ThomasKerman)- Allow mouse-over info and overlay tooltips to fall back to low resolution resource data in some cases- Add a warning when stock resource scanning is disabled without having Module Manager installed- Fixed some issues affecting scanner power usage and scanning altitude indicators- Allow for included contracts to be disabled through the ScanSatOfficial Contract Type (Thanks DBT85)- Fix a bug that was preventing loading of the color config file when additional planets are installed- Add MetalOre as a SCANsat resource and MetalOre scanner modules to EPL scanner partsVersion 14.5 - 2015-12-22------------------------- Misc and Bug Fixes - Fix some .csv export related issues - Allow for disabling the stock resource scan threshold - Fix ocean depth indicator - Fix multi spectral sensor normal map - Fix some potential issues when using multiple different sensors of the same type - Add new survey waypoints as they are generated - Fix for repeat contracts *Requires Contract Configurator 1.9.1Version 14.4 - 2015-11-14------------------------- New export functions - Option to sse a true grey-scale color scheme - Option to export a .csv file with coordinates and terrain height for each pixel - Option to manually specify the big map width- Stock resource scan threshold - Active when stock resource scanning is disabled - Set a SCANsat resource scanning threshold level above which the stock resource scan will apply for each celestial body- Misc and Bug Fixes - Fix science data return on transmission failure - Zoom maps use variable terrain height ranges based on the local min and max terrain height - Add an ocean depth indicator to the instruments window - Add a distance-to-landing-target indicator on instruments window when within 15km - Fix drawing the terrain height behind the biome map - Fix some errors in ground track drawingVersion 14.3 - 2015-11-10------------------------- Update for KSP 1.0.5- In-Game Help Function - Help section for Settings window, Resource Settings window, and Color Selection window - Activate help mode with the question mark button in the top right- Localization project - All help function strings are included in a config file - Local translations can be added to this file to replace the English text- Misc and Bug Fixes - Fix bug while switching vessels from the small map vessel list - Fix planetary overlay tooltips while in the tracking station - Fix a potential loading error - Fix bug generating terrain height maps on planets with PQS errors; prevents endless NRE spam - Fix some problems with the background terrain height map generator - Power usage works correctly up to 10000X time warp, instead of 1000X - Remove debug log messages during planetary overlay map generation - Change the default anomaly marker and close box icons to standard textVersion 14.2 - 2015-8-29------------------------- Performance and RAM usage improvements - Storage modules for each planet use less RAM - Planetary overlays use less RAM - Biome overlay texture size can be changed independently of resource size - Planetary overlays generated on a different thread when possible - This reduces or prevents the slight freeze or hiccup when generating a new overlay- Raster Prop Monitor - Additional functions added to RPM panels - The standard MFDs use the four buttons on the left for resource and anomaly/waypoint overlays - ALCOR pods also have additional functions where possible - Increased map rendering performance by reducing map texture size - Map texture size and resource overlay quality can be adjusted in the RPM configs - Prevent the non full-screen panels from drawing maps underneath opaque sections of the display (ie the left hand ALCOR panel) - A Module Manager patch is required for full ALCOR MFD functionality- Parts - Slight reduction in size of SAR and MultiSpectral scanners - Proper use of MODEL node scaling; fixes KIS inventory size problems (thanks Kerbas_ad_astra) - Slightly increased scanning width and altitude parameters for M700 (clamshell) resource scanner- Contract Configurator Contracts included - Based on a slightly modified version of severedsolo's SCANsatLite pack- SCAN agency and manufacturers group added- Big map and KSC map - Resource overlays now use the same quality settings as the planetary overlays - Resource mouse-over info now follows the same narrow-band scanner restrictions as planetary overlay tooltips - Slope added to mouse-over info for terrain scanned with high-resolution terrain scanner- Small map - Biome maps available on the small map - The vessel info readout will display the current biome (if scanned) for each vessel - The altitude readout for each vessel is now dependent on scanning coverage- Instruments UI - New rules for the altitude and slope readout - Below 1000m full height-above-terrain and slope info is given regardless of scanning coverage - Above 1000m altitude the readout is based on low or high resolution terrain scanning; slope is only given for high resolution scans- Color Management Window - Planet selection boxes available for terrain and resource color configs - Fix possible bugs created by adding and deleting mod planets- Misc and bug fixes - Resource overlay colors properly use the assigned abundance ranges - Added a resource overlay control window toolbar button - Update the active vessel in the instruments window - Various minor performance improvements - Various minor UI tweaksVersion 14.1 - 2015-7-15------------------------- Across the board performance improvement for map rendering- Fixed a bug causing performance drop for greyscale maps- Fixed a bug preventing landed resource scanners from workingVersion 14.0 - 2014-7-5------------------------- Updated for KSP 1.0.4- Updated for MechJeb 2.5.2- Resource Scanning System Overhaul------------------------- Replaces or augments most aspects of the stock surface resource scanning system - New option available to disable stock scanning - Disables the orbital survey - Replaces the resource concentration readout from scanners with SCANsat modules - Replaces the resource map found on Narrow-Band scanners with a modified SCANsat zoom map - Right-click menu resource concentration readout dependent on SCANsat scanning coverage - Stock resource scanning data can be erased for each planet (does not affect resource biome scanning data) - Stock resource parts adapted for SCANsat resource scanning - Module Manager required for SCANsat resource scanning - M700 (clamshell) scanner used for low-resolution resource scanning; covers all resources - A one-time patch on updating will deactivate all resource scanners to prevent existing M700 scanners from being used as they were in version 12 - Narrow-band scanners used for high-resolution, individual resource scanning - Planetary map overlay - New window to control resource, terrain, and biome map overlays - Biome overlays limited to stock color scheme for now - Tooltips for overlays when the mouse cursor is over the planet - Overlay window buttons added to the big map and small map windows; also added to the Toolbar menu - Select between all available resources, terrain maps, and biome maps - Resource settings window - New window to control resource options and planetary overlay quality - Biome lock, instant scan, and narrow-band scanner options are the same as in previous versions - The instant scan option is automatically disabled when Disable Stock Resources is activated - Both SCANsat and stock resource scanning data for the current planet can be reset - Interpolation and map overlay size can be configured - Biome maps use twice the map height as resource maps (512*256 for resources; 1024*512 for biomes by default) - Coverage Transparency option shows scanned areas in grey if there are no resources present; useful for determining what areas have already been scanned - SCAN High Definition Camera - New part module to replace the stock hi def camera, found on the narrow-band scanner - Opens a modified SCANsat zoom window - Only active when stock resource scanning is disabled- Other Updates------------------------- SCANsat big map - Resource overlay now matches the planetary overlay more closely - Interpolation is used to generate the resource map overlay; this greatly speeds up big map rendering speed - Zoom map uses more accurate interpolation method for resource overlays - Biome maps can be generated without the white border- Add ground track display for scanning vessels while in map mode - Scanning width is displayed for the widest FOV - Width is only accurate at the equator- Terrain height map databases generated in the background - Maps generated once per game session for each planet - These maps are used to generate the small map and the terrain planetary overlay - Performance impact during map generation is negligible - Greatly speeds up small map rendering and terrain overlays - An accelerated map generation method is used if the small map is open or a terrain overlay is selected from a planet which doesn't have its terrain map already created- A resource selection drop down has been added to the zoom map - Can be used to change the seleceted resource or disable the overlay- Instrument window resource readout - Resource abundance at the current location is displayed on the instruments window - When more than one resource is present buttons along the side allow for switching the resource readout - Narrow-band scanner restrictions apply if that option is selected in the resource settings window- Bug Fixes and Misc Features------------------------ - Waypoint location correct when waypoint coordinates are stored with nonsense values (ie. -120 S...) - Active vessel properly updates for the big map orbit display - Prevent pole scanning overlap at the north pole - Fixed slope calculation over water - Fix bug when applying terrain color config to non-clamped color scheme - Fix bug with orbit overlays in zoom map - Fix bug allowing scanners to continue scanning without power - Fix another bug with scanning near the poles - Fix a bug causing duplicate grid lines to be drawn on the space center map - Highlight active selection in drop down menus - Stop animations when they reach their endpoints - may prevent FAR from getting stuck recalculating the vessel surface - Various UI tweaks and updates- Updates from Version 13.4 - Fix ground tracks being displayed on the wrong planet - Fix bug in overlay control window while a planet's terrain map is being generatedVersion 12.1 - 2015-5-30------------------------- Updated for MechJeb 2.5.1- Added SCANsat sensor type and color configs for He-3 - SCANsat sensortype = 512- Fix a bug while adding resource scanners in the editor- Add resource scanner action groups - Only work when the scanner is deployed- Fix MapTraq texture location- Baseline radius for FOV calculations no longer hard-coded to Kerbin radiusVersion 12 - 2015-5-3------------------------- Updated for KSP 1.0.2Parts:- Part file and folder names changed; make sure to delete old installations- All part textures converted to DDS format- Part textures reduced in size; total RAM saving of ~20MB- RADAR scanner moved to Basic Science tech node- Part drag and temperature properties adjustedZoom Map:- Entirely new zoom map window- The window is a now a separate object, created by right-clicking somewhere on the big map - Can be dragged and re-sized independently of the big map- Window Controls - Zoom in and out buttons are available on the top row - Right click within the zoom map to zoom in and re-center the map - Left click to zoom out - Middle click, or Modifier Key (ALT) + Right-click to re-center without changing the zoom level - Zoom lever indicated along the top row; click the indicator to re-sync the zoom map with the big map- Overlay Options - Vessel orbit, waypoints, and anomaly locations can be toggled independently of their settings on the big map - Resource overlays will be shown in the zoom map- Landing Waypoint Selection - The target selection icon in the upper-left can be selected to activate target selection mode - Click anywhere in the zoom map to select a target site - The site will be marked with a target icon on the zoom map, the big map, and as an overlay on the planet surface in map mode - Targets are persistent; one can be selected for each planet - click within the zoom window, but outside of the map itselft to cancel target selection and clear any existing targets- MechJeb Landing Guidance - When MechJeb is installed the target selection mode can be switched to interact with the MechJeb Landing Guidance Module - A MechJeb core must be on your current vessel and the Landing Guidance Module must be unlocked in the R&D centerStock Resource Integration:- The new stock resource system has been integrated into SCANsat- Multiple modes of operation are available- Default Mode - When scanning a planet using the stock Orbital Survey Scanner instrument all SCANsat resource maps for that planet will be filled in - These are available for display on the big map - The biome lock is active, giving only rough estimates of resource abundance until surface surveys are conducted - The zoom window can only show resource overlays if a vessel with a narrow-band scanner is in orbit around the planet and its inclination is high enough to cover the area shown in the zoom map- SCANsat Mode - In this mode SCANsat map overlays are decoupled from the stock scanning system - All resources must be scanned using normal SCANsat methods to be shown on the map overlayFinePrint Waypoint Integration:- Waypoints generated by FinePrint contracts can be displayed on SCANsat maps- A new waypoint icon is available on the big map and zoom map- The waypoint name is shown when the mouse-cursor is over it- The SCANsat Instruments Window displays the name of a waypoint when your current vessel is within range- Also works with custom waypoints added through nightingale's Waypoint ManagerColor Management Updates:- Color options for slope, biome and resource maps are now available - An HSV color selection wheel is available for custom color selection - Click the mouse on the color wheel to select a color hue and saturation level - Adjust the value (brightness) slider to the right- Slope maps use two sets of colors, for high and low slope values- Biome map end-point colors can be adjusted- Stock biome map colors can be used in place of SCANsat colors- The terrain transparency for biome maps can be adjusted- Resource end-point colors can be adjusted- Resource cut-off values can be adjusted for each planet- Resource overlay transparency can be adjustedExternal Color Config File:- All color options are saved to an external file - GameData/SCANsat/Resources/SCANcolors.cfg - Each tab in the Color Management Window has a save option, this will update the values in the config file- Terrain and Resource color options are saved for each planet; values for addon planets can be added as well- Values in the config file serve as default values - New save files will use these values - Existing save files can reset color values to these defaults using the Color Management WindowBug Fixes and Miscellaneous Updates:- Docking, un-docking, decoupling, breaking your vessel etc... while active SCANsat sensors are onboard will not result in spurious sensor activity anymore- Includes a fixed Active Texture Management config file to prevent SCANsat icons from being altered- Window positions made persistent - The big map position is saved and will remain persistent through different game sessions - Other window positions are only persistent during a single game session- Fixed a bug with data resets in the tracking center- Fixed Instruments Window slope calculation at high latitudes- Instruments Window now displays terrain altitude while the vessel is on the surface- Various UI tweaks and fixes- Remove Community Tech Tree supportUpdates From Version 11.6:- Updates to Zoom Map resource overlay restriction - Less frequent checks for suitable vessels in orbit - Fix bug when checking parts with multiple narrow-band scanner modules- Fix MechJeb integration- Fix Blizzy toolbar iconsVersion 10 - 2015-1-29---------------------User Interface:- Complete replacement of SCANsat user interface- Stock App Launcher Button included - Toggles the SCANsat small map, which can be used to open all other windows - Toggles the KSC map in the Space Center or Tracking Station scenes - Can be toggled on/off in the settings menu - Does not replace Blizzy78's Toolbar buttons- New SCANsat Big Map - Text buttons replaced with drop down menus and icon toggles - Maps for different planets can be selected at any time - Replaced longitude/latitude texture grid overlay with simple line drawing overlay- New KSC and Tracking Station window - Fixed-size version of the big map- Improvements to big map elevation data caching - Reduced memory usage - Faster map rendering when switching projection types- New Color Management window - Used to change color palettes for elevation maps - Used to set various terrain settings - All settings are saved for each planet- Improved SCAN instruments window - Altitude above terrain is shown correctly while in time warp - Localized slope is indicated based on a 3X3 grid centered 5m around the vesselResources:- Resource overlay and selection is controlled entirely through the big map - Resource selection is handled through a drop down menu found along the top of the map - Resource overlays are toggled by the resource icon on the lower left of the map- Updated to support Regolith 1.4 - Regolith Biome lock settings can be toggled in the SCANsat settings window- SCANsatKethane not functional- ORSX support removedCode Base:- Significant internal code changes and rearrangement- Anything not relying entirely on the public API methods in SCANUtil will likely breakMiscellaneous and Bug Fixes:- Maps exported to GameData/SCANsat/PluginData folder; the location where they should have been - Science results text added courtesy of Olympic1- Uranium resource name changed to Uraninite to support the Community Resource Pack- SETI Rebalance project compatibility added for Community Tech Tree- Prevent scanning coverage from temporarily reporting 100%, which disrupted some SCANsat contracts- From v9; Fixed automatic camera movement while the KSC map was active in the tracking station- From v9; Fix potential error with stock toolbar when changing scenesVersion 8.1 - 2014-12-19---------------------- Updated for KSP 0.90- Fixes for biome related issues due to 0.90 changes- Fixes for orbit renderer in early career mode; no orbit overlay on 1st tier tracking station- All parts use .mbm textures- Community Tech Tree support added - All parts rebalanced for cost and tech tree positionVersion 8 - 2014-10-8---------------------- Updated for KSP 0.25Resource Scanning:- Planetary resource overlay for big map - Supports ORSX resources - All resource types can be scanned in the background; no need to remain in control of a vessel while scanning - All resource scanning data is persistent; no different from standard SCANsat sensors - Resource types controlled through the SCANsat settings menu - Resources scanner types defined through included config file - Support for Modular Kolonization System and Karbonite are provided in their respective packages- ORSX resources - Resources displayed on the big map - Overlay colors can be defined in the included resource scanner config fileParts:- MapTraq deprecated - Part still exists but is not available in the VAB/SPH - Part functionality is completely removed - Module Manager configs for adding the MapTraq SCANsat module should be removed (having the module shouldn't hurt though)- Scanning altitude indicator is present for all SCANsat scanners, including resource scanners - Displayed in the right-click context menu- Improved Multi-Spectral scanner - Improved clickability - More efficient model; 60% reduction in triangle count- Rescaled the BTDT to be much smaller- Part cost balancingBackEnd Changes:- Background scanning will function in every scene where time passes - Flight, Map, Tracking Station and Space Center - Can be turned off from the SCANsat settings menu- SCANsat parts not required for background scanning during flight- SCANsat parts not required for toolbar icons and functional maps - Maps and menus don't work outside of the flight/map scenes- Persistent scanning data storage has been altered - Requires a one-time, automatic conversion from the old to the new method - There have been no complaints as of yet, but users upgrading from SCANsat v6.x may want to make backups of any existing save files- ModStatistics removedBug Fixes:- Science can be gathered from all planets - Reduced science return for planets without terrain/biomes- Active scanners no longer play through their animation on startup; they start fully deployed- Toolbar icons fallback to place holder textures if the default SCANsat icons are moved/altered/deleted- Prevent small map from opening improperly in non-toolbar version- Prevent debug spam on EVA science collection- Improved support for command pods/co*ckpits using Raster Prop Monitor - Possibly prevent problems such as issue #63Version 6.1 - 2014-07-18 (frozen)----------------------------------------------[LIST][*]Update for Kerbal Space Program [B]0.24[/B][*][B]Folder structure significantly changed[/B]; you [B]must[/B] [COLOR=#ff0000][B]delete[/B][/COLOR] any old SCANsat installations[*][B]SCANsatRPM[/B] integrated into SCANsat[LIST][*]You [B]must [COLOR=#ff0000]delete[/COLOR][/B] any SCANsatRPM folders; [B]do not[/B] install SCANsatRPM from any source[/LIST][*][COLOR=#006400][B]ModStatistics[/B][/COLOR] Included[*]Some minor bug fixes[*]SCANsat flag added[*]Initial part cost balancing[/LIST]Version 6.0 - 2014-05-17 (frozen by tg)----------------------------------------------* Update for KSP version 0.23.5. This version of SCANsat now requires KSP 0.23.5.* [FORK] by technogeeky and DMagic, because damny is M.I.A.+ [NEW] Big Map Caching. When not scanning, rendering of the Big Map is much, much faster. [Thanks! DMagic!]+ [KNOWN ISSUE] Sometimes the cache is not properly updated, resulting in strange looking Big Maps. Use the map resize button ( [\\], right hand size), resize the map a bit. This will reset the cache, and fix whatever is wrong.+ [NEW] [OPTIONAL] Toolbar support. Strongly suggested, because the experience is better and more consistent with the Toolbar. [thanks DMagic!]- [REMOVED] Removed the old expanding/contracting floating SCANsat button. Replaced instead with either a Toolbar toolbar or with nothing, but maps become visible upon starting a scan. [Thanks Dmagic!]+ [DOCS] New README docuemntation is in Markdown format, see: https://github.com/S-C-A-N/SCANsat [tg]+ [DOCS] New documentation in the form of imgur albums, see: https://scansat.imgur.com/ [tg]+ [INFO] Future releases can be found here: https://github.com/S-C-A-N/SCANsat/releases/latest [tg]+ [INFO] Source code can be found here: https://github.com/S-C-A-N/SCANsat [tg]


  1. Download using the above download link.
  2. Place the SCANsat folder in your Kerbal Space Program\GameData folder.
  3. Install Module Managerif you want to use any of the SCANsat resource scanning mechanisms.
  4. [OPTIONAL] If you want to use the toolbar (you do!), download and installblizzy's Toolbar.
  5. [OPTIONAL] If you want to IVA w/ SCANsat (you do!) , downoad and installRasterPropMonitor.

GameData Folder Structure

  • GameData
    • SCANsat\Plugins\SCANsat.dll
    • ModuleManager.4.x.x.dll

Edited by DMagic
Version 20.4

[1.10.1] SCANsat [v20.4] -- Real Scanning, Real Science, at Warp Speed! [September 9, 2020] (2024)
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